No.21034Why can’t I log in to MetaMask?

The issues in the MetaMask sign in are not today’s problem, once in a while, every user is bound to face this issue, regardless of the platform they use. No platform can run smoothly without the interruption because internet also has some ups and downs. However, if this becomes a regular thing, then it topic of concern. The daily occurrence of the login issue can irritate a user and provoke them to change their wallet. But for now, you can solve this problem by using a few common preventive measures. You can try to use any other browser for the MetaMask login and see if the issue of MetaMask login persists or not. Also, another method is the uninstallation and the re-installation of the MetaMask Extension or the Mobile application, whatever you please to use. But if none of those common measures work, then the only option you are now left with is the use of customer care. Once you are on the support page of the MetaMask, you will be able to view the available communication methods. Select any one of those available methods and soon it will describe to you with further proceedings on how to solve your login issue.

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2024/02/10 (Sat) 18:02